Sunday, January 29, 2012

K is for Kissing with a Twist

This technique is a variation of the Kissing Technique. And the instructions are basically the same with a slight "twist".
Here you see the basic kissing technique. The bold leaf stamp was inked with yellow dye ink. A floral image was inked with red dye ink and "kissed" or stamped on to the bold leaf stamp. After giving a good breath over the stamp to moisten the ink (huffing), the stamp was stamped on to paper for this result:

For the "Kissing with a Twist". Stamp the bold stamp with a light color dye ink, stamp the other (here floral image) stamp with a dark ink and "kiss to the bold stamp. While hold the top stamp, twist it 1/4 turn before lifting off.

  The twisting changes the image of the stamp that was twisted and removes some of the ink from the bold image stamp. 

Then huff on the stamp and stamp it on to paper. Compare the image below with the basic kissing technique shown in the first photo of this post. Same stamps, same inks, very different look. I love how this turned out.
Instead of "twisting" one large stamp on to the bold stamp, you could repeatedly stamp a smaller image.

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