Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Comfort Quilts

Used brown squares donated to our quilt to make quilts.
This one is a disappearing 9patch:
 This one uses left over disappearing 9patch pieces with scraps:

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Beige and Teal Quilt

We were given lots of cut 5" squares at Comfort Quilters, I found the beige squares weren't very popular, so I grabbed them all. I combined some of them with a variety of teal bits.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Butterfly ATC

 The theme on 9ATC Group is Butterflies/Dragonflies. I decided to do butterflies.
Made the background with the wrinkle free distress technique. Smooshed purple Distress Ink on a craft sheet and two purple dye sprays and gold Perfect Pearls Mist, then sprayed all with water.  Placed card stock into the wet inks, heat set and repeat several times.

 The wrinkle free distress background I made. Cut this into ATC sized pieces.

Stamped a speckled background with Perfect Medium and brushed on a green blue Mica Powder. 

Stamped a butterfly background image with Perfect Medium, covered with white embossing powder and heat set. Colored the edges with black India Ink.

Added some black downs with black Enamel accents on the upper right corner.

Cut out black sparkly paper with a butterfly die and layered over teal paper. 
Finished ATC:

Friday, May 8, 2015


I was give blue & teal strips, I combined these with some purples I had to make this quilt for comfort quilters. This is a fun scrappy pattern.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Fuchsia Color Perceptions ATC

The color is fuchsia in May for the Color Perceptions ATC Swap on ArtVentures Group. The ATC is to be predominately fuchsia and be how the color fuchsia makes us feel.  Fuchsia is a purplish pink color.  The fuchsia flowers come in so many shades of pink and purple and are in a variety of shapes & styles. Both the color and the flowers are "Exotic" to me.
I found a glittery fuchsia colored paper to use as the background. Colored a vintage image to a dark shade of fuchsia, added a floral headpiece and fuchsia fibers to the bottom of the ATC.

Friday, May 1, 2015

THREE Altered Playing Card

We are doing an Altered Playing Card (APC) Swap on ArtVentures Group. The theme is Numbers, for May it is Number Three.

Applied 3 coats of gesso to the playing cards and let dry. Then added a coat of pink acrylic paint.

Used worn lipstick Distress Ink over a floral stencil, then barn door Distress Ink over a swirl stencil along the right edge and let dry.

Stamped a collage image along the right border with a red Archival Ink, used this ink to color the other edges of the playing card. Stamped the number 3 with black India Ink.
The worn lipstick Distress ink faded into the painted background. So sponged fired brick Distress Ink over the floral stencil over the right 2/3's of the card.

Added a vintage image of 3 people in a wedding party. Wrote "Three's a crowd" in a "thought balloon" with black ink.