Sunday, January 29, 2012

K is for Kissing with Depth Stamping Technique

This is another variation of the Kissing technique.  I found this method of stamping described on here, but renamed it from two toned kissing to kissing with depth (I can't help it, it will soon be Valentine's Day).

Choose a bold image stamp, like this large flourish. Choose an image, ink with one ink color (I used tulip) and stamp it on to the bold stamp.
 Choose a different image (here a background music score), ink it with a different color ink (I used Indian Corn Blue) and also stamp it on to the same bold image stamp (which is now on top of the red floral image).
 Huff on the bold image stamp and stamp it on to paper. The different colors add depth to the bold image stamp. I love the shabby chic look this has.
 I also found another dimension (or maybe I should say another look) to this technique by first inking the bold image stamp with a light ink color (I used bamboo) before stamping the other two inked stamps on top (same stamps & colors as above).
 I used the same three colors of ink and the same floral image and music score as above on a large medallion stamp.
 Inked medallion stamp in light pink ink, stamped on a light floral image in green ink then stamped the bolder floral image in tulip, gives a very different look with alternate color choices.


Celeste said...

Love this technique. Thanks for sharing, I must try it too.

Bobby said...

I would imagine this is actually very hard to get right - I'm such a perfectionist, when doing things like this (imperfect patterns etc) I can't keep from trying to flesh out the pattern to make it fuller, when of course the whole point is that it looks old and worn!