Monday, January 30, 2012

K is for Kissed Impressions Stamp Technique

I found this technique on Too Cool Stamping, she has a post here and here on this technique. Angie describes this technique as a combination of Tim Holtz's stamping on texture fades as seen in this video, and the kissing technique.
Choose an embossing folder that has a large blank area in the part that will be de-bossed. On the side of the folder that has the blank area raised, color with a dye ink by rubbing or pressing the pad over the surface. Do not push ink into the other areas.
Next, choose an image or background stamp, ink it in a darker ink color and "kiss" or stamp this stamp into the inked blank area of the embossing folder. You may need to "huff" or breath over the inks to moisten them before the next step.
You can place your paper to fill the embossing folder or choose a portion of the folder as I have with this ATC back. Run through your embossing machine.
With this technique you have a "kissed" image on the de-bossed area of your paper. I realize this image is hard to see as I used a fine image background in an ink color not much darker than the inked folder.
I repeated the steps above with an image that is a bit bolder and a darker brown ink.
Here is the result. I think you'll have lots of fun with this technique!
Make sure you check out the fabulous creations on Too Cool Stamping.

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Angie Leach said...

Hi Carol! Love your project! This is such a fun technique! Thanks for the shoutout!