Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Above is my finished first set of pages in the Board Book Project on NGS.
Below are the final instructions Trish gave us for these pages.
Step 3:1. This will be trickier for some of you! I want you to go to a quotation or poetry website and find a verse within a poem or a quip or a proverb - anything short and not too long (2 lines maximum) BUT WAIT! The verse/proverb you select MUST begin with whatever letter you decided to stamp or stencil in black on your page - I want the first word in your quote/poem/proverb to begin with that letter! 2. Once you've found your quote, copy and paste it into your word processor and change it into a font you like the look of, format it and print it out. 3. Cut out the quote by cutting out the actual lines of the sentence and then separate the words and glue them down on the same page side where the stamped/stenciled letter is - arrange them so that they aren't too squashed together. 4. Pick out a main image to go on the book page with the white torn book paper border on it - you have free reign to pick out any picture or stamp any image for this, but try and pick an image which goes with the quote you picked. 5. Layer the image you picked onto a sheet of black card so that it is either square or rectangle in shape leaving a very small black border around your image. 6. Stick the image down on the page with the torn paper border on it. 7. Glue or attach 3 small silver embellishments in a row on the same page as the image - they can be anything at all so long as they are silver. That's it! Now scan and upload your pages. Then gesso the next 2 pages in your book ready to begin a new page challenge -you will need some bright orange and lime green paints for this! I'll be ready as soon as I get the next paint colors!

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Rosie said...

Wow!! That's great Carol... I love the image you chose too!
Your travel journal is fab - I love the covers and grinned about the glue-sewing machine battle!! Thanks for sharing that tip!