Sunday, August 31, 2008

Worksheet Wonders

I was thrilled that I had the time to participate in another one of Trish's Background Noise Challenges: #13!!! This one takes the scrap paper you use under your work to protect you counter tops, and turns it into art paper. I had a sheet handy that I'd used this way and had also used in the bottom of my spray box. Here's how it looked at first, a big mess: I colored the blank areas with a lavender Distress ink: I wanted to pick up on the flourish that was already on the paper. I used the same stamp with gesso to give the paper a unified feel (note how the white stamping soften the big black area): After the gesso dried, I used some script and postscript images to stamp over the paper: While the ink was still wet, I covered the whole sheet with clear embossing ink and heat set:Next, I wrinkled up the paper to cause some areas to crack. Then working in one area at a time, reheated the embossing to make it sticky, laid down some colored foil and rubbed with my fingers. This added fun metallic highlights to the paper. It still looks messy, but it's now ready to be used in projects:
Here's a close up to give you an idea of all the shimmer this paper now has:

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Trish Bee said...

FANTASTIC! Im thrilled to see you used my new background idea on your blog - great artwork too ;) Thanks a million.