Sunday, August 10, 2008

Board Book: Page 1 Part 2

After I finished my page and posted about it, Trish gave us another instruction to part 1: "add some white gesso slices randomly over the top of the work you have already done using a credit card - like what you did with the black paint". I did that and let it dry before moving on to Step 2 (sorry, no picture taken at this stage). Now for the second phase: Board Book Project Step 2:1. Remember that blue paint you used as your very first layer? I want you to get it out again :) This time I want you to water it down - you can either water it down with plain old water (I did) or use a clear glaze medium if you prefer. You want it to be watered down to an ink like transparency, test it first on newspaper by sponging it onto the printed text. The glaze should be transparent enough to stain the newsprint blue and also allow you to read the text at the same time.2. Use a sponge and sponge the watered down blue glaze over the entire board book - yep over the patterned paper and also over the gesso lines and black paint. Let this dry. If you feel the paint layer is too heavy you can remove it with a baby wipe and start again.3. With the remaining bits of blue glaze sponge the colour onto some sheets of paper torn out of a cheap paperback book - make a few sheets and set them aside to dry. You wont be using this on these 2 pages but you will be using them on another page spread further along in this board book project. I was worried that I'd use up most of the navy blue acrylic paint from the first stage, but I poured acrylic glaze into the bottle and shook it up, then mixed it with the turquoise Lumiere paint as in step one to make the glaze. I used the extra glaze to sponge on text as directed and also another piece of card stock I've been painting extra glaze on.
4. Get some light metallic green or blue acrylic paint, and use it to either stamp or stencil a large print design 3 times across both pages - you can make your own stencils or use foam to cut shapes if you don't have anything suitable.Let dry. The only light blue or green metallic paint I have is the turquoise Lumiere, so that is what I used on my favorite flourish stamp. (always wash acrylic paint off your stamps right away)
5. Stamp or Stencil a large single letter in black paint on either the left hand or right hand side of your page - you are free to choose whichever letter you want for this step. Let paint dry. 6. Lightly water down a tiny bit of black paint so it resembles ink, use a sponge to smear the black inky paint ALL OVER the book - yep over the entire page. Working quickly, take a DRY paper towel and rub it across the surface of the page - the paper towel will remove most of the paint but there will still be some black paint left behind on the pages kinda like a stain - pay particular attention to torn paper scrap and the metallic prints you made as the black acts as a kind of resist. I stenciled the letter "L", let it dry then did the stain with watered down black acrylic paint as directed.
7. Use a sponge to add a grungy sponged border around the entire edges of the board book pages. Let dry.8. Tear a strip of paper from a cheap paperback book - uncoloured paper! And stick it on either the left or the right hand side of the page VERTICALLY. 9. Draw an outline around the edges of the black letter you stamped or stenciled- use a gel pen or something similar. Don't worry if your outlining is wobbly -this is art not perfection. Here's what I did, fun, fun, fun!

10. Scan your board book in and share it with us all :) Once you've done this your ready for the very final stages of the page which will be coming soon! I'm ready for the next step.

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