Monday, August 11, 2008

Angelic Skinny Covers: Tyvek Paper

I finished the covers for my angelic skinny book from the tyvek paper I started last week. I wanted to cover the previous layer of torn tissue paper. So I decided to add another layer of tissue paper over both sheets of tyvek paper with watered down pva. I colored the left page with a thin layer of sparkle white & gel. I colored the right page with a thin layer of the blue mixture with gel that I used for the board book project step 2.
I made the covers 4" x 8-1/2" each to adequately cover the skinny pages I received in the swap. For the outside of the covers, I wanted to add more depth to the paper by stamping on them. Wanting the angels from the tissue paper to 'come to the front" of the front cover, I stamped flourishes with a light color of Brilliance ink. For the back, I wanted the angels to 'recede to the back' so I stamped on text (an Irish blessing) with a dark color of Brilliance ink.
To give even more texture to these outside covers, I did some decorative sewing.
Then I 'had' to try out a Cuttlebug embossing folder on one of the inside covers. I used the music folder and colored it by dipping my finger in gold metallic acrylic paint and running it over the embossed areas.
I wanted the covers stiffer, than just two layers of tyvek paper, but also wanted to sew the edges together. I cut a piece of cardboard 1" smaller than the covers and centered it on one cover and glued the cover sections together.
This worked great to 'stiffen' the covers, but I should have used glue only on the cardboard and not onto the edges of the tyvek paper. I had trouble with sewing the edges, the thread was acting so weird. Took me awhile to figure out the needle was pulling out globs of adhesive and messing up the thread. So glad this is a for me project. Even with the messy edge sewing, I like how it looks.
Finished outside front, with coils in just for looks (I'm waiting for 3 more pages to arrive). I glued on metal letters to spell out the title.
Finished inside front cover, I printed out my info onto an old angel printer sheet I had, deckled the edges and glued on.
Finished outside back cover (again coils are just resting here), I cut out and glued on images from photos taken by Adrienne. (Also check out her travel blog for great info on Welsh Historic sites and fabulous photos).
Finished inside back cover. I cut out an angel image and glued it over the page. These covers will make great bookends to all the gorgeous art I've received in this swap.
Next, I want to make more tyvek paper and participate in a swap.

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Rena Sawatski said...

Carol, love your covers, and they will be so fantastic adorning the Angelic book.

I am still waiting for one more page before starting my covers. I am also playing with the fabric paper technique before signing up for the swap.