Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Challenge Card

For stamp club, we are to make 9 cards out of these 3 sheets of 12" x 12" paper, a small piece of yellow paper and 9 vintage images.
 I decided to make these thank you cards:

Monday, April 13, 2015

Gray ATC

This month on 9ATC Group, we are to create an ATC with One Color, One Image and One Word all starting with the same letter. Used some textured paper and colored it with gray dye ink.

Stamped an image of a girl with gray dye ink on light gray paper. Used glossy accents to make tear drops. And black India Ink to stamp letters spelling grief.
Layered image on the textured paper, added a variegated gray ribbon and a 'gray' bead.
Gray - Girl - Grief

Thursday, April 2, 2015

TWO Altered Playing Card

We are doing an Altered Playing Card (APC) Swap on ArtVentures Group. The theme is Numbers, for April it is Number Two.

 Applied 3 layers of gesso. After drying, applied 2 shades of green Distress Paint, and finger painted to blend the colors together, let dry.

Dropped on ink from a Memory Mist bottle, when the ink dried, stamped on a splatter image with gold Encore! Ink. Stamped the number 2 with black India Ink.
Added an image of twins (two boys) from our family. Used a green glitter Gel pen to add doodled border. Wrote "two peas in a pod" with a black pen.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Magenta Color Perceptions ATC

 The color isMagenta in April for the Color Perceptions ATC Swap on the ArtVentures Group. The ATC is to be predominately magenta and be how the color magenta makes us feel. Magenta is a blue red. A rich color full of depth and warmth. A touch of luxury.
I cut a piece of patterned magenta colored paper and ran it through an embossing folder. Used a magenta ink pen to highlight the lower edges of the raised areas and colored over the main image with the same pen.

Covered the main raised area with magenta red mica powder using a wet paintbrush.
Added a cut flower out of another piece of patterned magenta paper, magenta bead & magenta fibers to the center of the large flower. Added magenta ribbon to the top & bottom of the ATC.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

ONE Altered Playing Card (APC)

We are doing an Altered Playing Card (APC) Swap on ArtVentures Group. The theme is Numbers, for March it is Number One.
I applied 3 layers of gesso on the playing cards. After drying, added a layer of wild honey Distress Paint and let dry.

Used a stencil to add an orange Distress Ink over a stencil (this color later faded into the paint background). Stamped "one" and dots on the APC with black India Ink.

Sponged gold Encore! Ink over a stencil to add a pattern to the background.

Added a vintage image of a woman riding an ostrich. Wrote "you have to be ODD to be #1" in black ink.

Girly ATC

Girly is the theme for the 9ATC Group. I cut a pink striped paper for the background. Stamped a floral flourish and the word Beauty with a dark pink ink, that I also used to color the edges of the paper.

Used the same pink ink to stamp a dress image on decorative white paper.
Added white paper lace toward the bottom of the ATC. Adhered the dress along with white paper flowers along with some pink beads.


Made two quilts using lots of left over pink & other fabrics

Used a disappearing 16 patch technique to make this quilt.