Monday, August 18, 2008

Art in Progress: Board Book: Page 2 steps 1 & 2

We were given instructions for the first steps on the second page of our board book project on NGS. Purple text is Trish's instructions to us:
Board Book Page 2 - Step 1:1. Gesso the next 2 pages of your book, if you haven't already done so.2. Use a pencil and ruler and mark a feint horizontal line across the book going right across the 2 pages - you want the line to be just below the halfway mark(middle) of the book - in other words there should be more surface area above the pencil line than below it.3. Using the pencil line as a guide & using the same pencil; draw a wavy line across the 2 pages along the line - you can make the wavy line super wavy or a gentle incline or go all out crazy wavy - its up to YOU. Just make sure there is a nice wavy line going across the pages. Do NOT worry about being neat and tidy. 4. Paint the area above the wavy line with bright ORANGE paint - acrylic or similar - paint right up to the wavy line - don't worry if you go over the lines as you can neaten it up afterwards. Let paint dry. I didn't have orange paint so I mixed red and a yellow gold acrylic with a little acrylic glaze. 5. Paint the area below the wavy line with lime green acrylic paint or similar -as before paint right up to the wavy line. I used green and yellow gold to make a bright green color. Let it dry.Once you've done that scan it in and share it! And give me a shout... I painted the extra color mixtures onto scrap card stock to be used in the future.
Step 2:1. Paint a thin red stripe along the wavy border across your page - paint it on the side where there is more orange background colour. Don't worry about neatness.2. Using the same red paint add colour to 2 pages torn out of a paperback book -if you don't have a paperback book you can tear text pages out of a magazine instead and add colour to them. Set these aside once dry for future use. 3. Take 3 sheets of paper from a paperback book - or you can use 3 pages of text torn from a magazine, using a damp sponge lightly gesso over these 3 pages - do not completely white out the text - you want the text to still be visible through the gesso. Let dry. 4. Take 1 sheet of the gesso book paper and cut it into narrow strips, use pva glue to glue strips of paper to the green part of your book pages as if creating candy stripes - leave a gap roughly the same size of the paper strip so that you create stripes across the pages of green and book paper. Trim off any excess,don't worry about making the strips fit perfectly over the top of the red border. 5. Using the other sheet of gesso-ed book paper, use a circle punch or cut free hand to cut out lots of little circle shapes. Set these aside for later use. 6. Take a pencil with a small rubber/eraser on one end and use this as a stamp - dip it into gesso and apply white dots to the orange background, don't worry about being exact - just stamp the dots till your happy with the results and set aside to dry.

Looking forward to the next steps and seeing how this turns out.

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Lisa _Paints_Writes said...

I don't recall if I have commented on any of your posts yet so I am doing it now. If I've already done so then it never hurts to give too much praise....First of all I am fairly new to art journals and altered arts as a whole. I have been scrapbooking for the last 11 years and have played around with ATC's and stamping. You have the greatests posts. Through your site I found Trish's step by step directions and I too am doing the board book! You can check it out on my blog.
Second of all....I purchased a Cuttlebug almost a year ago and I am loving all your examples with the embossing template. Please keep them coming. I know eventually I will be using mine just as much. You are so inspiring.
Keep up the blogging.