Friday, February 12, 2010

Wickedly Simple Quilt

I found a great quick free quilt pattern on this went together very fast, and has so many possibilities for color choices. Also a great way to use up fabric scraps. Thinking this one will be good for a teenage boy.
2/13 NOTE: The name of this quilt pattern is "Wickedly Easy", you'll find it on the link above.


SweetPea said...

I think only other quilters would have the nerve to call this "wickedly simple" . . . ROFL.
Nothing about this looks simple - but it is certainly gorgeous! How big is it Carol?

Carol said...

Well, "simple" for a pieced quilt. And oops! it's name is "wickedly easy". This one is 52" x 68" big enough to wrap oneself in. It's backed with cozy blue fleece.
And Thanks!