Friday, February 26, 2010

Book Study: Northern Lights

Continuing with the book study of Julia Andrus' "Paper Transformed" on NGS group. This week is the Northern Lights Technique. First step is to spray Perfect Ink Refresher on to black or dark paper and rub into the surface gently with a paper towel. I used glossy card stock, which i discovered doesn't create the same look.
Next, mix each Perfect Pearl color with water to form a creamy paint and paint randomly in wavy stripes on the paper. I choose Turquoise, Violet, Kiwi and Bronze.
Then spray with water and tilt the paper to get the colors to move. Let air dry or speed drying with a heat tool.
I liked my glimmery background, but it didn't have the Northern Light look that Julia achieved.
I thought maybe it needed more perfect pearls, but still didn't achieve the Northern Lights look, still looks cool, though.
Then I realized the glossy paper was causing too much movement of the perfect pearls. So I used non coated black paper with the same colors and achieved the Northern Lights look! Fun background.
Also tried this technique with a mixture of Turquoise, Interference Blue, Violet, Interference Violet, Plum and Gold. Love it!
Julia states that the Perfect Ink Refresher acts as a barrier to the paper to give the paints time to mix and run before soaking into the paper. She says glycerin or a clear embossing ink might work in this way also.


Rena Sawatski said...

I quite like your first version. In a way it may be closer to the actual Northern LIghts as they "dance" and move around and I bet if you added some PP's to that one it would be even closer to the real thing. We get them here in the fall when it is a cold clear night, but not with the vibrant colours that they get in the far north.

Just my two cents worth. LOL

Rosie said...

Wow! Your results are always fun to see... spectacular!
LOVE the last of the glossy ones - it's really spooky with all those holes. I swear there are faces in there... now I've scared myself! Lol!

Maggi said...

Drop dead gorgeous!!!!!

chrissy said...

Just BEAUTIFUL!!! Thanks...Chrissy
I've been gone for a week and need to play catch up!