Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A is for Acrylic Paint Sandwich Background

A is for Angelina Fibers & Films, Airbrushing, Acetone Transfers, Alcohol ink techniques, Antiqued Vellum and a vast array of Acrylic Paint Backgrounds. I decided to play with the Acrylic Paint Sandwich Technique, it is very easy .
Start with 2 sheets of card stock the same size. On one sheet, squeeze 2 different colors of acrylic paints direct from the tubes/bottles (I used blue and yellow) on to the card stock.
While paint is still wet, layer second sheet of card stock directly over top to create a "sandwich". Press down and swirl card around.
Remove top card stock to reveal the two sheets.

Did a second set using red & yellow acrylic paints.

Third set using blue & red acrylic paints.

There are endless possibilities on how these turn out, depending on what colors you choose, how much paint, where you place the paint, and how much you swirl. A great technique for playing, while waiting for inspiration.


chrissy said...

What a good idea... and so simple!

Anonymous said...

hugs sabine