Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Study: Pearly Mottled Paper

On NGS group we are doing a study of Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed". This week, I tried her technique Pearly Mottled Paper and must admit I did not achieve the gorgeous look she has created. (More experimenting is necessary by me).
I applied dye inks to coated paper with a combination of direct to paper and using a brayer.
Then, holding a squirt bottle about 8" to 10" above the paper, squirted water to make splatters. Then gently blotted with a paper towel.
While the paper was still slightly wet, applied Perfect Pearls with a brush. The Perfect Pearls clinging to the wet area. I was disappointed on how much of the dye ink faded on the coated paper with this technique, the ink has faded even more since taking this photo. (I blame me and NOT Julia).
Used the same dyes and Perfect Pearls on non coated thicker paper. The inks stayed more intense in color, but the water absorbed so quickly into the paper. It didn't get that nice splattered look than Julia had and the water so diffused into the paper, I didn't need to blot it and the Perfect Pearls didn't stick. I ended up adding more water and have lots of Perfect Pearls now on it. I need to find some other types of papers to try later.
Note: If you don't have Julia's book "Paper Transformed" I HIGHLY recommend it. So many fabulous techniques, PLUS many amazing "Sparkling Paper Projects" with instructions in this book.


Maggi said...

Looks like something we will have to experiment with. It's amazing how different papers react with different techniques. I've got the first three done and scanned, just not posted. Thanks for doing all of this.

chrissy said...

I do like how your paper turned out, but I agree that it doesn't look the same as Julia's example in the book. I'm thinking it could be the type of paper she uses.

Carol said...

I reread the page and my eye landed on the box with the side note. I think my spray bottle has too fine of a mist, and I probably used too much ink. Will need to give this another play.