Sunday, June 1, 2008

Blue Beauty

The Art Buzz Challenge was to use this image in an art project. I decided to use it in the monthly Art Lottery on NGS. Anyone in the group can sign up. To be entered in the lottery, you make any small art piece in the monthly theme by the third week of the month and upload a picture into the album. One person is chosen at random, and all the participants send their creations to her by the end of the month. June's theme: 'The Letter B! The letter B can mean ANYTHING at all - think of things that begin with the letter B - butterflies, the colour blue, backgrounds, or even a piece of artwork with the letter B on it! Anything at all so long as it is related to or begins with the letter B! "
Also a great opportunity to use the blue background I made in class yesterday. Our instructor gave us each a manila folder with an ATC and a card size cutaway.
These are to place over the layered backgrounds to see which part would look good in a project. She said the color of the folder works best to evaluate the piece, not to use white or black, as they change how the piece looks. Here are different parts of the background in the ATC sized window.

I ended up just cutting off one of the corners of the sheet, added the word "beauty" and colored the edges with Brilliance ink.
I printed the image on a transparency, and placed it over the blue background. Then, added some embellishments and layered it onto gold card stock.


Unknown said...

Jaw dropping-ly beautiful :) Great background!

Trish Bee said...

Oooooh! This is BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous! I love it a lot! Well done you little tinker!

Annie said...

Lots of gorgeous things here Carol. I didn't knw about the NGS thing lol...not keeping up with the art buzz challenges I guess!