Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trying to Get Organized

I have not gone away, but have created temporary (I hope) chaos in my craft area. Just about everything came off the floors to clean the carpets, before it gets put back, I'm trying to reorganize my crafting area. This is a shared living space in the summers, and I had completely taken over every surface with my projects and supplies. Ultimate goals, to have counter space at craft counter for actually crafting at! I work best if I can have a couple of projects going at one time. When stuck on one, I like to leave it out where I can still see it while working on another project. Room under the counter to be able sit there, maybe even have a friend sit with me. Trying to decide what is really "essential" to have near the counter for crafting, in just a few containers (I had so many on, under and near the counter there was hardly room to work, much less walk). I have five boxes of supplies ready to donate that I've taken upstairs towards the car. LOL
I'd like my craft cupboard organized so I can find and use items for a particular project. My stamps, papers, paints, stencils, etc. And, if I can find room, to move less frequently used supplies to the furnace room, where I have boxes of fabric. I need to find room to put away the folding tables and haven't fiqured out where to hand the quilts in progress, so I don't have to keep ironing, the furnace room gets too dusty to hang them in there.
I have made lots of progress in the last 3 days, don't know how much longer it will take. Besides what you can see in the pictures, I still have supplies on the
kitchen counter and on the floor behind the couch. But I'm tired of organizing. When I get home later today, I hope to clear off more space, take a break from organizing, and do some creating.


Unknown said...

Good for you, Carol! With as much paint you use, I don't know how you can keep your carpet so clean! But the space looks nice to work in!

Unknown said...

Welcome to the Organising Craft Space sisterhood, I have just done mine! Don't know how long the organisation will last but at least I tried!