Monday, May 19, 2008

Art Buzz Challenge #6

Challenge #6 Art in Everyday Life, "go outside and using your camera take a photo of something that moves you or catches your eye, something which looks artistic, a natural beauty which hasnt been staged or posed in any way." As soon as I saw this challenge, I knew what picture I wanted to take.

I love the beauty and delicacy of bleeding hearts.

They are beautiful on their own and look gorgeous surrounded by all the green in their natural surroundings. We are blessed that they are native to our area, so I planted several bushes in our yard.


Trish Bee said...

Arent they precious! I love both photos, such beauty. The one with them all in a row reminds me of baby birds all calling for momma bird in their nest for some bizarre reason! Beautiful photos and perfect for this challenge!

Unknown said...

WOW, they are beautiful! To be honest, I have never seen such flowers before. Wonder if I can find them here in the midwest. Beautiful, just beautiful! You take good piccies too!

Rosie said...

They are stunning flowers Carol - great photos too! I used to have a succulent which had strings of tiny heart shaped leaves that grew in symmetrical clumps along each stem... that had a 'heart'-related name too!