Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tag You're It - Travel Magnet

One of the advantages of cleaning & organizing craft supplies, is finding items that I thought I'd lost of forgot I had. I knew just what I wanted to do when I found this packet of magnetic frames.On Art-Venturers, I signed up for the "Tag You're It" swap. One person in the swap is picked each month, she becomes "it" and chooses a theme. Then everyone in the group makes a small item incorporating that theme and sends the item to "it" by the end of the month. This month, "it" is Carol C and she choose the theme "travel". I had found an image last week and was dithering on what I wanted to make, now I knew: a travel themed magnet & magnetic frame combo. I picked up an outdated atlas at my local library for $1. I loved the polar projection map, cut out a piece a little bigger than the magnet. I got it damp, wrinkled it up and ran a Distress ink pad over the creases and lightly sprayed over it with homemade color mist (blue dye ink & some perfect pearls).
I adhered the map to the the front of the magnet with the xyron adhesive, trimmed the edges, then used a craft knife to cut the two sections apart.
Stamped on some words and added images. I like how it looks all together.
And think the separate pieces, the magnetic frame and oval magnet, stand well on their own.


Rosie said...

Carol, this is lovely! I think you've made a fab job and it looks stunning, together and apart... probably because you are so slever - LOL!!

I love your textured backgrounds too... I must use a piece of cs that a mate embossed with the paisley folder. It's white and I dry-brushed 'spare' red acrlic paint over it - looks very cool!!

Trish Bee said...

Oooh now this I LOVE! Gorgeous artwork and Im sure Carol will be thrilled to bits!

Unknown said...

WOW! You never cease to amaze me, Carol! You are so clever coming up with all your artwork. This is so awesome! Love the colours and images!

Artlab said...

I missed this on an earlier visit- how cool!!!