Saturday, October 18, 2008

Raven's Nest Art Retreat - Jill Berry's Class

Today was Jill Berry's Class: 5 Books in one Day. Another fabulous instructor. We were able to learn 5 different techniques and get the basic book done, because Jill had all the papers pre cut for us and provided great instructions. She also provided us with lots of great bookmaking tips. These books will need to be decorated when I return home.
The first book we made was the Hard Spine Circle Accordion Book. I've added some of the charms I received here at the retreat. I will add color to the word ART! later.
These are the inside pages (Jill hand painted these papers for us). I will add ATCs I collected here along with photos from the retreat and write some special memories.
The second book was the ATC Blizzard Book. This is great to hold ATCs. She gave us instructions to make this any size we want.
The third book was the Flutter with Pockets.
The fourth book was the Carousel House Book. We had time to do some decorating with papers and images Jill provided. I decided to make a beach house. View showing the front and back pages:
First open pages:
Second open pages:
Third (and last) open pages:
I just need a couple of finishing touches on this book. Here Jill is encouraging my work in the Carousel House Book.
The last book we did was the Flip Story Book. It is like a waterfall card in design. She also taught us how to make a slip cover that is just folded, no adhesives required. I need to think up something special for this story book.

When I finish my books, I will post again.


Rena Sawatski said...

Love your books and all the other items you did in your classes. You are so lucky to have had the opportunity to take the classes and to meet the gals. Looks like you all had a fabulous time.

Rosie said...

Oh Carol, what a fab selection of books! I love the flutter and blizzard books most of all - they look the kind of book I too could make! Really fun and very useful!
You have had such fun and learnt so much - thanks for sharing!