Monday, October 6, 2008

Art in Progress: Board Book: Page 5 step 1

This is the 5th page spread in Trish's ongoing Board Book Challenge. The instructions for the first step is to paint pages with black gesso, allow to dry. Apply spots of metallic or pearl acrylic paints on one page, use a variety of colors.
While the paint is still wet, close the book and hold it tight with your hands. Open to reveal an instant background of color on your board book pages.
I wanted more color on the page so I went back and added some metallic silver that wasn't as watery as in the first bottle and more blue. I forgot that I was to add paint to just one side. I closed the book and held tight.
I thought this looked a lot better.
I decided to help the thick areas dry faster and used a heat tool. I like how the "veins" bubble up while they were drying.


Trizzy said...

I love how the 'veins' came thru, they look like branches - thanks for sharing

Rena Sawatski said...

Carol, looks like you and I might be too impatient to get the right effect as I also put paint on both pages, but love the effect. It is amazing how the final image looks like ferns, and veins. On mine the centre image looks like a giant bug.