Monday, October 22, 2012

Transparency Sheet Transfers

Margaret gave us lots of helpful hints in doing transparency sheet transfers. Print images to us on the rough side of the transparency sheet. Use gel medium on paper or fabric, not too thick, not to thin. Lay down the inked side of the transparency sheet. Press down with fingers. Use round end of bone folder or plastic palette knife to burnish the image in both directions. Carefully lift one corner of the transparency sheet and roll back to see if the image transferred, or if you need to keep burnishing or add a little more gel medium.
I did these images on printed scrapbook paper. The top one on the right, I used too much gel medium and burnished too hard. The bottom one on the left, I left on the paper too long and some of the paper tore off.  They look nice and distressed.
 I used the same technique on dictionary paper:
And this angel image was done on a decorative paper napkin:

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