Monday, October 22, 2012

Quilted Tote Bags

I've been busy sewing. I'm at an art retreat in Wisconsin. I wanted to make something for the other participants that they were unlikely to make for themselves, and would hopefully find useful.
The one on the left was following the instructions for a laptop tote bag. I think the size is appropriate for a sketchbook along with additional art supplies.  I thought the way the flaps were quilted were a little "tidy" for my liking. So instead of sewing on the strips as a quilt as you go method, I used a solid piece of fabric, quilted designs with the machine, and tore strips of fabrics to sew down. I like how this looks.
 I'm into purple at the moment so I made several with purple.

 and a couple of red ones, to give everyone a choice.
Hopefully, by now, everyone has chosen a bag to their liking.

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