Thursday, October 25, 2012

Rolled Papers in Shadow Box

Maggi showed us how to make these! Choose a background for your frame, specialty paper or fabric or......
Choose specialty papers and roll them around a bamboo skewer if you want them thin or something thicker, I used the handle of a wooden spoon. Use a bit of glue to keep the end of the paper attached to the roll. Tie each paper roll with fibers or twine or wire. Add charms and/or beads as desired. Place in a frame. Decorate frame as desired. I added different charms, etc to remind me of each person at our retreat. Here's how my shadow box turned out.
Jan wasn't able to join us this day of the retreat, so we each rolled some papers for her box and Maggie and Margaret tied on the fibers and added charms. We each signed the back and took her the finished box the next day, she loved it. You can see how each project can be very different.

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