Monday, October 22, 2012

Tap Transfers

Day two at Wisconsin Stamp Camp, Margaret showed us a variety of transfer techniques. This one is so easy. Print images on TAP paper ( Transfer Artist Paper). Then iron on to paper/fabric etc. with a dry iron.
 I cut out these images and ironed on to dictionary pages. I like the image still left on the tap paper (I didn't iron long enough to get al the ink off). The top angel has the dots, because the iron was accidently on steam mode.
 These images were ironed on to printed muslin.
 Image ironed on to a textured muslin:
 Angel image on left was ironed on to a decorative paper napkin. On the right, I layered three separate tap images, one at a time:
I love how easy and versatile this technique is. I'm going to buy some tap paper.

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