Saturday, January 8, 2011

F is for Faux Rusty Metal

F is for Faux Rusty Metal I like how this one turned out. I made adjustments to the technique that was in the Technique Junkie Newsletter, as I did not have most of the acrylic paints they mentioned.
Dab dark brown acrylic paint on to sandpaper and let dry.
Paint over the sand paper with a dark orange or terra cotta acrylic paint. I used a recipe to make burnt sienna. The dark brown paint was supposed to show through this layer, but my paint was a bit thick. Let dry.
Brush on silver and gold metallic paints in a streaky manner and let dry.
Lightly cover the surface with the dark orange/burnt sienna acrylic paint, allowing the metals to show. This time I made a dark orange color out of bright orange and dark brown. Let dry.
I like how this looks, it can be embossed or die cut.

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