Thursday, January 27, 2011

Book Study - Fused Fibers

On NGS group we are continuing our study of Bernie Berlin's book "Artist Trading Card Workshop". This week, we are looking at the section "Fused Fibers". Bernie says to lay fusible webbing over your blank card. I used HeatnBond. Then lay an assortment of fibers over the fusible webbing.
Pile on the fibers as desired, and some bits of more fusible webbing, then randomly sprinkle embossing powders of your choice.
Lay a heat resistant craft sheet over the pile of fibers & embossing powder and apply heat with a hot iron, then turn the card over and use the iron to heat the back of the card. When the card has cooled, remove the craft sheet.
Trim fibers as desired. This is a fun technique. Lots of possibilities.
Trimmed my fused fiber card and layered on to black card stock. Added a gold fiber ribbon
, an image, and a metal tag which was colored with red alcohol ink and attached with black metal brads.

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Annie said...

This turned out much better than when I tried it Carol. Love that you actually make ATCs with your experiments.