Sunday, January 9, 2011

F is for Faux Leather 2

Earlier in the year, I made leather paper from Julia Andrus's book "Paper Transformed". That technique uses Perfect Ink Refresher to soften the card stock. Rena mentioned that she was able to achieve the same results using glycerin (which is cheaper and easier to find in most pharmacies) instead of the Perfect Ink Refresher. I had to give it a try.
Rub glycerin into both sides of brown card stock with a paper towel.
While the card stock is still wet, wrinkle it, being careful not to tear it, until it has lots of creases in it.
If desired, rub darker brown ink over the creases to highlight them.
Iron the paper to flatten it. Decided to darken the paper by adding more brown ink to it.
I also like the back side, where I didn't highlight the creases with color.
Glycerin works as well as the Perfect Ink Refresher in making leather paper.


Apollox said...

Cool idea with the glycerin, it looks a little bit more organic than only with distress.

Diana said...

I love this technique! Does glycerin affect the ability of the paper to accept glue? Does it transfer glycerin to any other papers you might glue it to?

Carol said...

Diana, I didn't have any trouble using double stick tape or the paper I use. But it could depend on the type of adhesive you use and if you wait for the paper to completely dry or not.
Best way to find out is to experiment for yourself.

Pam said...

Wow! I am going to try it tomorrow! Thank you for sharing.