Friday, March 13, 2009

Fun Background Play at Stamp Club

I went to stamp club on Wednesday evening. Maxine passed out a sheet of watercolor paper to each of us along with an inexpensive watercolor or acrylic paint set she picked up for 50 cents each. We were instructed to get our paper wet, then place down a stencil we brought, and add color with paint brushes, sponges or whatever we had. I started by using a paint brush to dab yellow watercolor over a fern stencil. The yellow watercolor spread quickly because of the wet paper. I let it dry a bit, then used the same stencil to sponge on blue, then green watercolor to make more ferns. I also used a toothbrush to splatter some blue and green paint around.
Lots of people came to club, so there was only one sheet of watercolor paper per person. I wanted to play some more, so I found a piece of mat black board (one of the members brought a box of mat board frames and centers to give away). I used a leafy stencil and white watercolor paint applied with the sponge first. Let it dry, then used my friend Peggy's green acrylic paint and slightly off set the stencil to sponge on the green. When it dried, I stamped on a flourish with black Archival ink. It's difficult to see in this photo, but the black ink seems to disappear and then reappear as you move the mat board around.
Hope to find time this weekend to make something out of these. Big thanks to Maxine for getting us to get messy and play!

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Robin said...

Hi Carol! I recently found your blog and am thoroughly enjoying everything you have posted. You have beautiful creations and your step-by-steps are great! I will be spending hours here as you provide much inspiration!

Take Care - Robin