Tuesday, January 13, 2009

SweetPea's "IT" Gift a Fabric Purse Pocket Book

I wanted to get an early start on Sweetpea's "It" gift for an Art-Venturers swap. Her turn isn't until February, but I was struggling creatively with her theme of "Bold, Funky and BRIGHT with black and white checkerboards ". When I saw Belinda's Fabric Purse Pocket Book in the latest issue of ClothPaperScissors, I knew I could do it with fabrics I already had, and creating images on the canvas sheets. I had about 1/4 yd of black and white checkerboard that I tore into strips to make fabric "ribbons" and sewed them on red felt pieces with bright, bold & funky fabrics. Most were scraps in my stash. I had a sewing friend over to make books with, and she shared some of her animal fabric scraps with me. I used a bright variegated thread to sew the fabrics together with a variety of fun stitches.
I know Pea likes images with wings and animals, etc. Because I was working with a fabric book, my traditional method of cut and layer wasn't going to work for me. I knew this was possible to do in Photoshop, but I just wasn't getting how to do the layers, and the "help" files weren't helping me. Fortunately, Fiona agreed to meet with me via IM for a couple of days, to give me a Photoshop tutorial. With Fiona's help, I learned enough to make the images you see below and printed them out on the canvas sheets Chris sent me. I used photos I took for the backgrounds, and altered them in different ways. The other images were gotten from the web and "cut" out and "pasted" to make a single image. The text was also added in Photoshop.
I added glitter glue to the wings and allowed them to dry.
I added some text to the fabric pages with stamps and black Versafine ink.
Before I sewed the pockets together, I sewed on the printed canvas pieces. I decided to bind the book together with torn strips of the checkerboard fabric, instead of the more traditional binding I used in the first Fabric Pocket Purse Book I made. I punched 5 holes in the left edge of the pages with a CropADile and used a large eye needle to pull the fabric through the holes and tied them together. On the front I sewed on letter beads to spell "D-R-E-A-M" and a metallic butterfly charm.
On the inside of the covers, I sewed on a black & white checkered ribbon on to bright checkered fabric as both a decorative element and to become ties to close the book. I tied on a heart charm to the image on the left. Instead of buttons, I sewed on metal charms to the pocket flaps, to help hold the flaps down.
Back of page 1 and front of page 2. Back of page 2 and front of page 3
Back of page 3 and front of page 4
Back of page 4 and inside back cover, where I sewed on another metal butterfly charm.
Back of book.
I was pleased to see Pea, left a comment saying she liked the other book I made, so I'm sure she'll love this one in her "IT" theme.
I have a couple more of these books in progress. they are lots of fun.


Manna said...

Stunning! Brilliant! Amazing! Fun! Love it!

chrissy said...

Carol...What a great gift for Pea!!! I am looking forward to seeing this in person the next time I get to see Pea.

SweetPea said...

I CONFESS - I PEEKED and PEEKED and PEEKED SOME MORE - and I can't WAIT to hold this in my hands!!!
I am a BAD BAD BAD PEA - but I love you Carol!!!!

CreativSpirit said...

I love your choice of colourful fabrics and images and the B & W checkered fabric really sets it all off. Lucky Sweetpea.



Adrienne Wood said...

Wow!!!!!! This is FABULOUS. And Pea will absolutely adore it.

Rena Sawatski said...

Well I see that Pea could not resist having a peek and is tickled pink with your book. I knew the minute I saw it that she would be.

Great work Carol!

Our Hands For Hope said...

Yep. We could be friends!

Marva Plummer-Bruno said...

I love your work! I've put your blog in my favorites!!! :) Marva

Gaby Bee said...

I agree with the above comments, this fabric book is brilliant!
I adore your color choices.

Gaby xo