Monday, January 12, 2009

Fabric Purse Pocket Book

When I received the Jan/Feb issue of ClothPaperScissors, I feel in love with Belinda's project: the Fabric Pocket Purse Book. I had received a pad of canvas paper from Chris that can be run through the copier, just before Christmas. I knew the canvas sheets would look great in this book. In Belinda's book, she sewed her fabrics on to one sheet of felt, then cut out the templates. I wanted more control over where the fabrics would be on the pages, so I first cut out the felt from the templates that were in Belinda's article.

For this book, I used purple fabrics (mostly batiks) and golden brown fabric. I loved using the purple & gold fabric with wing images, it helped me choose the theme of angels for this book. I used a multicolor thread with a variety of decorative stitches to sew the pieces together. A zigzag stitch was used to sew the edges down.

I had fun experimenting with printing on the canvas paper. The photos on the top row, were sent to me by Adrienne, back when I was the "IT" girl on Art-Venturers. The two on the left, had quotes already printed onto the photos by Adrienne. The images on the bottom row were down loaded from the web. I used black Versafine ink to stamp on sayings. These were sewn onto the fabric pages, before sewing the pockets together.

I used yellow gold embroidery thread to sew the pages together. I tied a key to the top of the binding with decorative purple fibers. I sewed on charms to the cover
I had some decorative ribbons with words printed on them, these were sewn on the inside front cover. Instead of having button closures on the pockets, I sewed on metal heart charms. Besides being decorative, the weight of the charms help hold the pocket flaps down.
Back of first pocket, and front of second pocket.Back of second pocket and front of third pocket. I sewed on another heart charm to the image on the canvas paper.
Back of third pocket and front of fourth pocket.
Back of fourth pocket and inside back cover. I attached a chipboard circle with decorative thread to the top of the page and a metal charm with decorative thread to the canvas paper. on the back of the fourth pocket. Some more decorative ribbon with pre-printed words were sewn on to the back cover.
Back cover, I added another decorative ribbon with pre-printed words.
I have a couple more books in progress and will post them when they are finished. I'm having lots of fun with these.


Manna said...

WOW :-O! This is stunning and WAY above & beyond me and what I can make! I am in awe of you!

SweetPea said...

WOWZA Carol! Your fabric book is Gorgeous! Guess I need to get some fabric :) Well Done!!

torre said...

Such Beautiful work! You make it look so easy. I think I might try the canvas paper!

Anonymous said...

So cool! Love what you did! The colors are great.

Rena Sawatski said...

Great Job Carol. Think I will have to look for the canvas.

Anonymous said...

AAAAAAAAAAAmazing! You used so many techniques for this and it really is filled with so much, and so much inspiration.

You have inspired me, I have not worked with fabric for a very long time, but you may have just changed that.

Sometimes I see things in CPS that don't inspire me but then seeing them done in a different way wellllll......................Thanks carol

Maggi said...

Love this as much as I loved the samples in CPS!!! I have been "itching" to try this one, too!

CreativSpirit said...

Carol, this is beautiful and inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful art.