Friday, January 16, 2009

Another Fabric Purse Pocket Book

I am so thrilled that Fiona taught me how to use my Photoshop Elements, I decided to make her one of these books, using the canvas paper for the images. I used some of my batik scraps with variegated thread sewn onto blue felt pieces.
I choose some of my favorite vintage images from the web to print on the the canvas sheet and stamped some words on them with black Versafine ink.
And stamped some words and sayings on the fabric with the same ink.
I found I could also use a waterbrush pen filled with alcohol blending solution to reactivate dried metallic mixatives to color metal embellishments.
I tied together the pages with an assortment of ribbon and fibers. A metal heart with attached ribbon was sewn on as a decorative element. And the metal W was sewn on the page with fibers attached.
Inside front cover and front of page 1. I sewed on metal flower beads with fibers attached to each pocket flap.
Back of page 1 and front of page 2.
Back of page 2 and front of page 3.
Back of page 3 and front of page 4.
Back of page 4 and inside back cover.
Back of book.


Manna said...

Another gorgeous purse book! Beautiful colours and nice fabric! You never cease to amaze me, Carol!

Lindart said...

This is an incredibly gorgeous little purse book! I wonder if one could make something like this for as wallet? I love the fabric you used and the crazy quilt pattern. I want to make one!

inge said...

I strolled through the posts of all of your purse pocket books...

They are all really, really gorgeous !!!
greetings from belgium

chrissy said...

These fabric books you are doing look so cool!! Fiona is going to be thrilled.

Maggi said...

Beautiful! You are tempting me to actually get out my sewing machine! I love the idea of putting the blending solution in the pen. Brilliant!!! (As usual!)

Rosie said...

Carol- this is so lovely - I really admire your creativity. It's fanatstic!! You never stop, do you?!!

Our Hands For Hope said...

come see the little book I just did.

Gaby Bee said...

Your fabric work is incredible.
All of the work I see on your blog is spectacular, Carol.

Gaby xo