Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Charm swap

One of the gifts I received in the 12 Days of Christmas Swap on ccswaps was this gorgeous bracelet by Paula Hill.
The bracelet came with a very creative back story, encouraging each of the 12 recipients to create/buy charms to swap with each other. I found these fabulous mini frame charms. I started by coloring them with gold metallic mixative so they'll match the bracelet.
I cut up an extra background from when I made these double resist backgrounds.
I wanted to stamp and emboss a very small flower onto the backgrounds. With this small a piece of paper, the easiest way for me, was to stamp the flower with embossing ink on to the background, pick up the background with tweezers and dip it into the jar of detail gold embossing powder. I flicked the back of the paper with a finger to knock off tmost of he excess powder. Then I heat set the embossing powder while continuing to hold the paper with the tweezers.
I inserted the embossed backgrounds into the frames. I had a hard time getting a good photograph of this small image.
I think my charm will be a good addition to the bracelet and look forward to adding more charms from the others in the group.


SweetPea said...

WooHoo!!!! LOVE THESE CHARMS!! Can't wait to add one to my bracelet!!! YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful-just catching up after Christmas and am inspired.

Happy New Year.


Rosie said...

Gorgeous bracelet Carol! I love the charms you made - so pretty and I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing your blog again! What a prolific creator you are.
Thanks for your inspiration and kindness during the lasy year - it's much apprecioated!
Happy New Year! xxx