Saturday, November 17, 2012

"U" Technique ATC

December is going to be a crazy month, so I worked on my "U" Technique ATC for the ABCs of Techniques ATCs for the ArtVentures group this month. Started with the UTEE Marbled Backgrounds I made earlier today
Placed the background on foil in a craft designated electric frypan and heated to 350 degrees F. Decided to add some turquoise embossing enamel to one portion of the background and re-marbled that area.
 When the embossing enamel over the entire piece of cardboard was re-melted, pressed a rubber stamp into the melted embossing enamel. Stamp must be rubber and not polymer (that would melt in this heat and destroy your stamp). Carefully lifted it all out by the foil and let it cool.
 Once the embossing enamel had cooled, pulled off the rubber stamp. You can see the design  imprinted in the embossing enamel.
 Used gold metallic rub-on to color the edges and one side of the raised design.
 Added a gold metal clock bit with mini black star brads and added a purple "gem" to the center. Also added two turquoise brads.
"Undiscovered Universe"

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