Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mini Bottle Charms

I wanted to make some fun charms/embellishments to give to the others at our mini Art Retreat in Wisconsin. I had fun making similar ones last year.

 Stamped a face image on a small piece of film strip ribbon with dark blue StazOn ink.
Made small butterfly embellishments out of left over Fantasy Film,. Placed two pieces of fantasy film on a rubber stamp inked with Azure StazOn ink, with parchment paper on top and heated with a dry, hot iron. Then cut out the image.
 Colored some Shake on beads with purple alcohol ink, let dry.
Glued a small piece of Foxy-Oxi paper on the back of the stamped film ribbon strip. Back side of Foxy-Oxi paper showing through film ribbon strip (white side) colored side on back side. Placed this inside the mini bottle charm. Added in some purple shake on beads and the butterfly fantasy film. Here's the front and back.
Added some fibers and beads to the top of the cork.

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