Saturday, October 15, 2011

Book Study - Masking Tape

On NGS group, we're doing a study of Darlene Olivia McElroy & Sandra Duran Wilson's book "Surface Treatment workshop" . This weeks' section is using Masking Tape to create texture. The authors mention that different brands of masking tape have different properties and will react differently to paints. Experiment. I found an old roll of masking tape in the garage, no idea what brand it is.
 Tear or cut masking tape and apply it to your surface (I used a piece of Manila Folder). Use your fingers or the handles of a pair of scissors to rub down the tape to seal it to your surface.
 Apply a layer of acrylic paint with a paint brush and let dry.
 I do like how this looks and could have stopped her, but decided to follow the authors' suggestion of adding more layers as desired. I laid more torn masking tape over the dried paint and rubbed the tape down.
 Covered this layer with yellow ochre dried paint and let it dry.
 Then coated the entire piece with more q. nickel azo gold acrylic paint. Fun background. The outcome will look different depending on how much tape, and what paints you use.
 The authors mention some other things you can do with this technique: stain, glaze, layer colors, dry brush and metal leaf.
The authors note that the adhesive in this tape will break down, so it is not long lasting. So the other technique mentioned in the book is to use the masking tape as a resist.
Like the first sample, laid down torn masking tape over a piece of Manila Folder, pressed down, covered with q. nickel azo gold acrylic paint and let it dry.
 Added more torn masking tape covering some areas that were uncovered  and leaving some areas uncovered that were covered in the first layer.
 Painted on some yellow ochre acrylic paint and let dry.
 Covered with more masking tape in long diagonal strips and painted a layer with q. magenta acrylic paint and let it dry.
 Once the paint dried, pulled off all the tape. Here's my finished piece. Fun!


CreativSpirit said...

Thanks for sharing another very effective technique Carol. Your final picture doesn't seem to show the magenta though.

Carol said...

Good observation! I wanted a little magenta as an accent color, maybe a bit more than how it turned out.
Very little magenta shows, because after the third layer of tape there was only a very little of the card base exposed to take up the paint. Hope that makes sense.