Sunday, October 9, 2011

E is for Enameled Foil

 When I posted the book study on Aluminum Foil on NGS, I asked members to share their experiences with foil. This technique comes from Hilda she says: "I remember a very simple yet wonderful technique I did some time ago using  tinfoil....the resultant sheet of foil was very pliable, almost like fabric, and lovely to work with. I did not try, but I think you could even sew it!!!" I had to give this a play today.
Hilda says to do this technique using Heavy Duty foil, but since I only have regular foil, that is what I'm using.
Start by scrunching up the foil, making lots of wrinkles.
Then open and smooth the foil as much as you can while still leaving lots of wrinkles, I used a brayer.
 Cover the foil with desired colors of alcohol ink and alcohol blending solution. Let dry.
Smooch VersaMark ink over the foil, add embossing enamel and heat to melt the embossing enamel.
This looks great.
And it is very pliable.
I tried sewing on it, but the foil didn't advance with the feed dog, maybe it would with the heavy duty foil. The sewing needle went through this material easily.
I was able to cut and emboss this material easily. Love how the wrinkles add so much to this enameled foil!


Serra55 said...

Really looks good. I must try this myself. I wonder where one gets heavy alum foil? Hmmm...

Hilda said...

I am so pleased you tried this technique!! Your results are simply gorgeous!!

Carol said...

You can find the heavy aluminum foil in the grocery store and stores like Target that sell regular foil. Just need to read the packaging, which I didn't do last time I picked up some foil. : )

FraniQ said...

Love, love , love all your great tutorials. Cannot wait to try this one. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

logoian23 said...

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