Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Embedded Embossing

I was looking for some new to me "E" techniques this morning., and I came across this technique: Embedded Embossing on a Youtube tutorial. This technique takes different elements and unify them together by embossing them after they've been adhered together.
For the first one I took a Glue & Mica Powders background, a little beauty I received in a swap, part of a music sheet, a butterfly image and some small butterfly stickers. Glued these together and used the embossing folder recommended in the YouTube video mentioned above.
Here's how it turned out:
This piece can know be layered onto a card without adding a lot thickness.
I wanted to try this technique with other embossing folders. I choose a Gesso Off Background, some Asian newsprint and a dimensional "little beauty" I received in a swap, along with a floral embossing folder.
Here's how it turned out:
For the last one, I choose a Glued Chalk/Pastels background ( I colored the edges with dark brown StazOn ink), a piece of map colored with light brown StazOn ink, some map stickers, and a clown image. These were adhered and run through brick embossing folder.Colored the raised embossed areas with tea dye Distress ink, and added a slightly smaller version of the same clown image over the top.
Lots of variations and possibilities with this technique.

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