Thursday, July 21, 2011

Book Study - Alcohol Ink Splatter

We are doing a book study of Tim Holtz's "A Compendium of Curiosities" on NGS group. This week we are looking at the section Alcohol Ink Splatter. You can see Tim doing a video of this technique. Place a drop of alcohol ink onto glossy card stock.
Use canned air to move the ink around while it is still wet.
Repeat the above steps with as desired with other colors. Apply 3-4 drips of Blending Solution.
Tim said to add one drop of Metallic Mixative (you can see that I did 3 large drops instead) into the Blending Solution puddle.
Blast with canned air. I think my use of extra gold Metallic Mixture overpowered the alcohol splatter. Doesn't look anything like the Alcohol Ink Splatter technique, but I'm sure I'll find a use for this background ; ) Experimenting is fun!
Decided to add more Blending Solution and blast it with more canned air.


Serra55 said...

I like it, Carol. It's dark and interesting. I'm glad you put the extra metallic on it. Not a mistake but serendipity!

Sally B.
Baltimore, MD

chrissy said...

Thanks for continuing on with Tim's book!! I did try this one, but I used a straw.

Anonymous said...

I bet this would look neat if, after the alhocol ink and blasting, one would use the Kryon Metallic Ink Pen to draw a few "lines" on the base, then try air again. Have to try that. Love the colors you have used!
Judi, OH