Saturday, April 10, 2010

Spray Starch and Mica Powders

On NGS group we are experimenting with Spray Starch and mica powders to create backgrounds. There has been lots of different suggestions. I didn't have any spray starch in the house, but did have some Magic Sizing, and I figured it is close enough to spray starch to use as a substitute. I generously sprayed some on glossy black card stock.
On two of the papers, I sprinkled on a mixture of different mica powders.
Very generously sprayed on more Magic Sizing, then spread the powders around with my finger.
Layed white glossy card stock on top and squished it around.
Here's one set:
The other set:
There was so much sizing and powders, I wiped some off onto plain white sheet of card stock.
On the other two sheets of black card stock, I sprinkled some other colors of mica powders.
Sprayed on some more sizing and covered them with wrinkled up plastic wrap. Let it stand for a couple of hours.
Here's how they turned out:
There was still sizing and mica powders on the plastic, so I used some black matte paper to pick it up.


deb mattin said...

carol- love your variations = so creative. The lighter ones looks like dreamy watercolors!

chrissy said...

I like the look of the plastic wrap. And that was a great idea to use up what was left on the plastic on another sheet of card stock!

Anonymous said...

What a great flowing look!
thanks for sharing how you did it