Saturday, January 16, 2010

Book Study: Luminous Paste

On NGS group we are doing a Book Study of Julia Andrus' book "Paper Transformed: A Handbook of Surface-Design Recipes and Creative Paper Projects". I've started with her recipe for Luminous Paste. Julia uses Perfect Pearls and Glossy Accents, but states that Gel acrylic medium can be used in place of Glossy Accents. For the first piece, I choose a piece of shimmery pink card stock for the paper and made a paste out of Raspberry Sparkle Perfect Pearls and the gel medium.
Taped the corners of the card to keep it from slipping and used a palette knife to spread on the paste.
While the paste was still wet, used a trowel to create a textured design (could use a comb or plastic fork or cut credit card or other implement to make texture designs). I spread the extra paste over a dictionary page for future use. Let dry.
How it looks after drying:
Tried this technique with mixing two different mica powders (blue and green) with Gel acrylic medium over black paper, again spreading the extra paste onto dictionary pages.
After drying:
Then tried the technique with a small amount of purple mica powder and a generous amount of copper mica powder mixed with Gel acrylic medium on a yellowish-orange paper:
This is a great technique and you can achieve a wide variety of background papers determined by the basic color of paper, the colored mica powders you choose and the texture design you create. Lots of fun!


CreativSpirit said...

These are beautiful Carol, I have always been going to try a similar technique and after seeing yours I will try it tomorrow. I haven't got the book as yet, but will order it. Thanks.


Adrienne Wood said...

I haven't tried this. It looks very interesting, but I'm not a fan of stripes, even if they are curvy :-)

I wonder how it would work if you mixed and spread the paste, then waited until it was half dry and stamped into it with rubber stamps or found objects?

I must trry it out and see....

Carol said...

Look in the beginning of the paste paper section in Julia's book, she shows using rubber stamps in the paste like you're suggesting.

Maggi said...

Looks like messy fun, and the results are beautiful!

Rosie Rowe said...

Brilliant Carol!! I love your step by step photo tutes... and the results are always so cool! Thanks for sharing that technique! xo