Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adrienne's Gesso & Quink Background

For a background swap on Artventurers Adrienne made this gorgeous Gesso & Quink background:
I don't have any Quink ink, but didn't let that stop me from experimenting. Covered a mini canvas with a thick layer of gesso (Adrienne said 1/16" - 1/8", I didn't measure). While the gesso was wet, stamped a swirl image over the canvas (and cleaned off stamp immediately). Then generously sprinkle on some salt (I used chunkier kosher salt, and only a small amount that was in this container).
All I know about Quink ink is that it is a permanent ink, so thought I'd substitute this permanent black ink I add in my stash, mixed with water and attempted to spray on. This ZimInk did not work well in the mini mister and I think it has permanently clogged the mister (a small price to pay while experimenting). The black Quink ink reacts with the salt & gesso and produces a ranges of colors while you let it dry overnight. This didn't happen with the ZimInk.
This is how my canvas dried overnight. It isn't the Gesso & Quink Technique, but it has a fun texture to play with.
Wanted the canvas to have more gold than white, so I generously rubbed gold rub-ons over the canvas.
Here's a close up of the great textures.
Waiting for the right project to use this.

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Gaby Bee said...

What a great technique, Carol. Thanks for the tutorial. Love the result. It looks fabulous.
Gaby xo