Saturday, September 27, 2008

Double Saran & watercolor sprays technique

Susan has a fantastic tutorial of this technique on her blog. It sounded like a great way to use up the little bits of color sprays I have in mini misters. I laid watercolor paper on an old plastic tablecloth outside and sprayed a mixture of yellows and orange sprays some that have perfect pearls added to them. These are sprays I mixed up for earlier projects, and am not sure what is in each bottle. LOL
The instructions were to have a generous layer of watercolor sprays over the paper, it didn't seem really wet to me, so I sprayed on some water. The colors were very intense, so the water didn't make them too washed out, but did blend the colors together.
Next, I placed a large piece of plastic wrap over the paper and pressed it into the paper and let it dry.
Next I sprayed a contrasting color (here green) directly onto the used plastic wrap and re laid it over the paper and let it dry.
Here is the finished sheet. Susan said we could over stamp at this stage, but I'll wait until I have a specific project to work on as these papers are large 9" x 12" and will later be cut down into smaller pieces.
For the second sheet, I used the rest of the blue and purple sprays I had in mini misters, some had perfect pearls in them. It wasn't very wet, and was fairly concentrated color, so I sprayed water of the paper and laid on the plastic wrap.
When it dried, I lightly sprayed gold radiant rain on the used plastic wrap and relaid it on the paper.
Here's the finished sheet:
This one was a mixture of red & orange sprays, some with perfect pearls in them.
I sprayed full strength purple on the used plastic wrap and placed it over paper.
Here's the finished sheet:
For the last one, I sprayed on some the yellows and little bit of green I had in mini misters, some with perfect pearls added. To add more color, I sprayed on full strength green Adirondack sprays and then sprayed on some water to spread the concentrated greens around a bit. When it dried, I sprayed the darker green Adirondack spray on the used plastic wrap and laid it over the paper.
Here's the finished sheet:
These were lots of fun. A great way to use up ends of sprays. I like having the perfect pearls added to the sprays for the shimmering look.


Rosie said...

Carol, these are outstanding! They'll look absolutely gorgeous when you cut them up! Surprisingly (to me!) the green/yello and the purples are my faves!!

Manna said...

I love them all. I love the blue & purple the best though :) I'll try this because I love it so much!