Thursday, September 11, 2008

Art in Progress: Board Book: Page 3 finished

Today I worked on steps 2 & 3 to finish page 3 in Trish's ongoing board book project. See here for the instructions we were given.

For step 2, we were to sprinkle gold embossing powder over the page and heat set. I tried to start with the heat gun up high and slowly get closer. I got embossing powder all over the room LOL! So I decided to pretend the edges of the torn pages were still wet with glue, and applied a glue stick to them, sprinkled on gold embossing powder. Since most of the embossing powder was now all over the room, when it ran out, used Ultra thick gold embossing powder.
For the final step we had three things to do. We were to tear masking tape, ink up a stamp and lay the masking tape down and rub on the tape to pick up the ink. Then lay it down on one side. I like how the image shows through the masking tape.
We were to create a heart using one of four methods and use the same stamp that was used on the masking tape. I choose to use fun foam, because I had some fun foam at hand (only blue fun foam). I cut the fun foam into a large heart shape. When fun foam is heated it takes a great impression from the stamp pressed on it.
We were to paint the fun foam with red acrylic paint, and when it dried rub on gold acrylic paint to highlight the stamp image. I had trouble coloring the fun foam with my inexpensive acrylic paints, they kept rubbing off. Adrienne suggested I try Lumiere. I had some red on hand and painted it on. It looked great, but when I rubbed on gold and tried to wipe off the excess, the blue fun foam was exposed in parts (not shown in picture).
I decided to repaint the fun foam heart red with the Lumiere paint and then re heat it. I like how the paint bubbled and dried quickly.
While the fun foam heart was still hot, I pressed the stamp into it.
I rubbed on gold Lumiere paint with my finger and tried to rub off the extra with my finger. I didn't think enough of the red showed through, so I carefully ran a baby wipe over the surface to reveal more of the red paint, trying to be careful not to rub too hard and expose the blue of the fun foam as I had done earlier.
To complete the page, were to add a heart saying over the masking tape stripe, and layer the heart on the opposite page over some transparent layering medium, I choose cheesecloth. My board book is 6"x6", I felt it needed more to it. I added an image to the side with the masking tape and more words on the side with the heart.


Lisa _Paints_Writes said...

Love the way your book is coming along. I am happy to see that I am not the only one that now has gold embossing powder all over the room!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is building up great.