Friday, September 26, 2008

Faux Washi Paper

For the fourth spread in the board book project, Trish instructed us to make faux washi paper (she hasn't told us what to do with it yet). You can find her great technique sheet here.
I decided to use Iridescent Dr. Ph Martins. I generously dropped the colors onto a sheet of tissue paper I had sprayed with water.
I used a wet paint brush to run the colors together. Then dropped on bronze.
And spread that ink around with a wet paint brush.
The next step was to spray on water and layer another tissue on top and press to pick up color. Set aside to dry. Continue to moisten the original sheet and add more tissue sheets to pick up color. Each sheet gets progressively lighter. You do as many as you want. I did a total of sheets. You can speed up the drying with a heat tool. Then finish the paper by stamping on images.
For the original sheet, I stamped on cherry blossom branches with black VersaFine ink.
I wanted more color, so I watered down some light purple Dr. Ph Martins and did a light wash over the blossoms. I then splattered on some more of this watered down ink over the paper.
This is the second sheet of tissue paper. It was the first one placed over the original tissue to pick up color. It picked up a lot of the bronze pigment.

I used black VersaFine ink to stamp on images.
This is the third sheet of tissue. I used black VersaFine ink to stamp on images. I made a puddle of ink with the bronze Dr. Ph Martins to pick up color and add to the sheet.
This is the fourth sheet of tissue, the last one to pick up color from the original sheet, and therefore the lightest one.
I used black VersaFine ink to stamp on the images, the painted on undiluted ink from these ink bottles.


Manna said...

Amazing technique! Thanks for the how to!

Rosie said...

Wow!! That is beautiful Carol. Love that paper.