Thursday, December 18, 2008

Book Study - Texture by repeating design

We're doing a Book Study as a group on NGS, using Nancy Curry's book "Texture Effects for Rubber Stamping". This week we are looking at her card "Circular Motion". She uses repetition of the design element to tie the card together while adding texture. Here's my attempt.I stamped 3 snowflakes onto glossy card stock with watermark ink and heat set. Then I colored with light blue Distress ink to reveal the snowflakes. Next, I stamped an additional 3 snowflakes onto the colored card stock with watermark ink and heat set. Then colored with a darker blue Distress ink to reveal those snowflakes.

I used the same Distress ink to stamp 3 additional snowflakes.

I stamped3 more snowflakes with another shade of blue Distress ink.

To add some subtle texture, I stamped on two more snowflakes with watermark ink, added clear embossing powder and heat set.

For my embellishment, I stamped a smaller snowflake into a glob of hot glue. First inking the stamp with platinum Brilliance ink, so the stamp would easily come out of the glue after it dried.

After the glue dried, I colored it with blue alcohol ink.

I added glitter glue to the center of the snowflake in the glue and added a small amount of the same glitter to the background. I edged the background with a silver leafing pen and layered it on to a dark blue card. I layered the glue onto a piece of silver card stock and fibers.


Anonymous said...

nice idea for your embellishment !
the edges are a bit too thick for me, but the imprint is great !
Can you do this with any kind of ink ? If you use rubberstamps, wouldn't that stick in the glue ? Do you let the glue cool down a bit or do you stamp immediately after you put a dot of glue on the table ?


Carol said...

before making a puddle of glue, ink your rubber stamp with a slow drying ink, this is what prevents the rubber from sticking to the glue. Then make your glue puddle and while it is hot, place your inked stamp into the glue. Remove the stamp after the glue has dried. Make sure the glue is on something like a craft sheet or wax paper, something it won't stick to.