Saturday, April 26, 2008

Reuse, Recyle & Give Away

Today, I was creating Little Beauties: Birds for ccswaps. In honor of the recent Earth Day, I decided to recycle junk mail and previous made backgrounds for these beauties. Here are some of the materials I started with. I stamped the notes over the yellow bird before I took this photo. Plus the mail brought more stuff for me to recycle. I found the sample greeting cards had a very slick surface and the best inks I had to use on them were Brilliance Inks and Archival Inks.

Below you will see two photos of my creations. If you want to win one of the little booklets I made (photo at end of this post), play the Search My Blog game. Write your answers in a comment to this post. Whoever is first with the most correct answers by April 30th (this Weds) I will ask for your address and will mail you one of the booklets. In case of a tie, I will send out two. (Sorry but, I can only give away up to two, as I'm using one in a deco swap.)

Search My Blog Game
The answers to all these questions are dates to when the information was posted, you are looking for the posts that are highlighted in orange, The numbered questions correspond to the numbered little beauties above. [Update of 5/1/08: Game is over, highlighted areas are now links to the previous posts.]
1. I used my large slide mount punch from Punch Bunch to make this slide, originally for the Instant Art Swap.
2. I cut out the green medallion from Foil Flashing Fun.
3. This background was made with the Faux Silk Technique. [Here's a post with cards made with this technique.]
4. The background in the far back was made with the Glue Resist Background.
5. I used a die cut with my Cuttlebug, to cut out the image to look like a postage stamp. I used this die cut to make Faux Postage ATCs in Mica Play & Image Challenge. [and here]
6. This was very easy, I just added word stamps & a metal heart brad to part of a recycled Christmas Card. When did I use recycled Christmas cards for a Christmas Carol Book?
7. I made this background on Winter Colors using mica ink and color sprays.
8. Stamped over recycled card and added brads. When did I post my first Slide Show?
9. The background was made with Textured Gesso (post is called playing with backgrounds). [I didn't realize I also had this post labeled Textured Gesso, so it's a different technique & background than used in this beauty.]
10. The penguins (and the toucan in #9) were made using the Packing Tape Transfer technique.
11. Stamping over a commercial card. I used a similar word plate for my New Year Resolutions Swap. That time, I changed the color of the word plate with alcohol inks. This time, I left the plate as it came.
12. Again, stamping over commercial card. I recently used the same stamp in the Printed Page ATC 2 post.
Bonus Question: When did I post how I made the booklets from Messy Papers for the give away below?
Note: in #4 & #10, I used the paper where I picked up the extra ink of the craft sheet (in the Art Ventures Deco Book post on 4/24). I stamped musical notes in black over that paper.
So if you'd like one of these booklets and have lots of time to explore my blog, have fun and good luck!!! Update of 5/1/08: Winners are Rena with 12 correct answers, and Denise with 8 correct answers. (I gave credit for ambiguous way of some of the questions) They will each receive one of these books. I will also send something, not sure what yet, to Priscilla for playing, she answered the bonus question correctly. Everyone who played will receive something from me. Thanks for playing!!!


denise's little birdie studio said...

Hi Carol,Nice work.
Here's my guess
1 1/6
2 4/23
3 1/23
4 1/17
5 11/1
6 11/30
7 11/15
8 10/28
9 3/7
10 4/5
11 1/5
12 4/26

Priscilla Hill said...

March 23rd of this year!

Love your work!

Rena Sawatski said...

Hi Carol, what a great idea. I love quizzes and challenges, and really enjoyed browsing through your blog and "rediscovering" all your wonderful creative art.

My answers:
1. - Jan 6/08
2. - Apr 23/08
3. - Jan 27/08
4. - Jan 16/08
5. - Nov 1/07
6. - Nov 30/07
7. - Nov 15/07
8. - Sept 15/07
9. - Mar 7/08
10.-Apr 5/08
11.-Jan 5/08
12.-Apr 25/08
13.-Mar 23/08