Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Faux Silk technique

I received this gorgeous card from Helen Kwok in a square swap from ccswaps. I asked what technique she used and said the Faux Silk technique. She had gotten the instructions from Splitcoaststampers. And she gave me her take on this technique.

It's my turn to do a demo at my monthly stamp club in February, I'm thinking of doing this technique, and today I had some time to experiment. So I copied off Helen's instructions and got to work er play!
1. 2.3.
1. Cut a piece of tissue paper at least 1/2" larger than card stock base. Stamp images on tissue paper. [note: I used Brilliance ink on my stamp]
2. Wad tissue paper into a ball (be careful not to tear), gently open the tissue. Repeat. The more times you do this, the finer the creases.
3. Liberally apply glue stick to the card stock or run card stock through Xyron, then lay tissue paper (right side down) on table, then lay card stock (adhesive side down) on tissue. Flip over and gently press the tissue into the card stock, making sure the entire surface is glued down.
4. Sponge on distress ink and/or Brilliance ink.
5. Cut and trim the tissue.
I decided to add color by spraying with my homemade color mist. I like how more color and even more stamping can be added after gluing the tissue to the card stock.

And here is the sample card I made with this technique:

Some of the other faux silk backgrounds I made today:
A. B.
A. Stamped image with black ink and ran Brilliance Moonlight White ink over the top.
B. Stamped image with Brilliance ink and then ran a gold Brilliance ink over the top. I didn't realize how juicy the ink pad was. There were big blobs of ink, so I spread it around with a wet wipe. I was using left over linen card stock, the wet wipe brought out those lines from the card stock for more texture.
C. D.
C. Stamped image with blue dye ink and after it was glued to the card stock, realized I did not like it at all. I took a faded denim distress ink pad and generously ran it over the surface. I love how this dark ink highlights the crinkles.
Next, I grabbed some colored tissue paper that came with gifts at Christmas time. (I can never throw away tissue paper and decorated paper bags, they are too useful.)
D. Stamped image with red dye ink onto pink tissue with multi colored confetti in it.
E. F.
E. Stamped bold leaves with green Brilliance ink, and small floral images with gold Brilliance ink onto a green tissue paper with silver confetti in it.
F. Stamped image with Lightening Black Brilliance ink onto silver tissue paper.
G. This is my personal favorite. No stamping was done. This was preprinted tissue that I had accidentally placed onto a work surface that had an assortment of perfect pearls and color mist spills on it when I was playing with the Shinning Stone technique. I love the random color blotches and glitz. Great tissue to use in this technique, so glad I kept it.


Adrienne Wood said...

G is for gorgeous...

And the faux silk technique was not what I was expecting - I was thinking of a resist technique - maybe it is faux satin!

Rosie said...

I like these backgrounds....I'm gonna have to try this technique, even if it does mean time spent clearing my desk!!!
Love how they all turned out and I can see why you like the last one you've shared! :D

Unknown said...

Wow!!! this is so neat, love the bg's you created- fabulous