Sunday, March 23, 2008

Using Messy Papers!

I worked on this project earlier this month, but didn't post these pictures before I left home. I had some time to post this evening.
I have learned to lay paper at the bottom of my spray box, not to protect an old box, but to get some great papers. Here are some of my recent papers.

I cut up the sheet on the right and ran the pieces through the Cuttlebug with an assortment of embossing folders.

To get some contrast, I highlighted the raised areas with Brilliance inks.

I used cold pressed watercolor papers to fill the books. I think they'll be good for deco books. Here are the finished booklets.


Manna said...

You are a genious! Those little books turned out so great!

chrissy said...

These look GREAT Carol!!! I've just had paper towels in the bottom of my spray box, but I'll have to try using some cardstock instead.

Rosie said...

Gosh, those are fab! I shall have to make sure I use a box from now on!! It was the image you'cracked' that inspired me to have a go and what fun!!
Every time I see your little books, it tempts me towards a BIA - you are very bad for me!! ;-]