Saturday, March 8, 2008

Altered Tin

A while ago, Fiona offered tins to the Art-Ventures group. All she asked was for us to do was decorate them however we liked, post a picture of the decorated tin and give some instructions. Originally, I thought of turning it into an ATC holder, but it wasn't big enough. The top of tin is about 3.5" x 3" and the bottom part is slightly smaller. I finally decided it would be used to hold the "Little Beauties" I'm receiving in some swaps. Here is what I did:

I pressed the Essential Glue Pad to the top and sides of the tin and applied multicolors of gold leaf with a brush. No heating is required with this glue pad, but you must use the glue while it is still wet. Once the glue dried, I brushed off the excess gold leaf:
Next, I stamped a flourish image on top of the tin with the Essential Glue pad and used some copper foil. I did a rough application, so it would look more antiquey, and blend into the gold leaf.

Close up:
Finished tin top, with one of the "Little Beauties" I received from Maggie:
Inside of tin, holding the lovely "Little Beauties" I have received so far (I couldn't resist doing the inside top of the tin, I like a bit of color!):


Marian said...

Totally Awesome, Carol! I have one of these pads and now, thanks to you, I know one thing I can use it for. THANKS!

chrissy said...

Carol....I love the tin!!! What a great idea. I think I may need to buy a glue pad for just this. I already have some tins I could work on. Thanks so much.

Artlab said...

I love it Carol! I have to get the glue pad as I am a horder of tins :))

Susie said...

What a great idea for the little beuties. I've been struggling with how to store them. And isn't it fun to have just the right embellishment with one of those amazing little beauties. I so love this group.