Saturday, March 16, 2013

Y is for Yarn Weaving

Y is for Yarn Weaving, a fun way to make a very textured background.
Use a heavy card stock or heavy watercolor paper. As the background will show in parts, you may want to color it. I used Distress Stain and a home made shimmer spray to color the watercolor paper. Cut into strips, leaving one end uncut. I recommend cutting the piece about 1/4" thinner than what you want the final piece to measure, as the yarn weaving will widen the piece. If you don't the paper to show in your finished piece, cut the back longer than you want. I decided to make my strips of slightly various widths. To keep the paper from tearing, on the back, I placed a strip of red line tape along the bottom edge.
 Choose yarn and begin weaving around the strips.
 Alternate with various types of yarns for added texture, use different colors as desired, continue to weave.
 Here's my finished background. If you don't want the paper to show, use a sewing machine to stitch along the edges of the weaving (some like to add iron-on interfacing to the back before this step), cut away the exposed paper at the top and bottom.

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chrissy said...

WOW... this is a lot of work!!!